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Hey there!

Thank you for visiting Scribble Snacks! I'd love to introduce myself - my name's Ben, the founder of Scribble Snacks.

Scribble Snacks was originally founded on the simple concept of super fun, food-themed stationery. "Stationery that looks like food" was the idea that started it all.

I've been building on the idea since 2019 (according to the first Google Doc!) - and finally mustered up the courage in 2023 to get started and launch our website.

Our very first product was the Burrito Pencil Case, and since then we've expanded into other amazing products such as our custom phone cases and hilarious accessories (I mean, have you ever seen an 80cm pillow that looks like real bread?). As of writing in November 2023, we have just over 800 products on offer, and many more to come!

I'm super proud to say that we have so much more on offer today than our original idea, and hope to bring you along for the journey. Want to see something listed that we don't currently offer? Awesome! Send us a message and we'll see what the Scribble Snacks kitchens can cook up.

Thank you so much for visiting Scribble Snacks, and do feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

As we like to say - Happy Snacking!

Ben & The Scribble Snacks Team

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About Scribble Snacks

At Scribble Snacks, we redefine stationery by infusing it with fun and flavour. Our unique, food-inspired designs set us apart, turning everyday tasks into a feast of fun. Join us on a tasty journey of creativity!

Founded in 2023 from Australia - we ship the tastiest stationery direct to your door! Free shipping worldwide with every order.

Why Scribble Snacks? 🍪 Scribble Snacks is not just about stationery; it's a celebration of creativity, fun, and scrumptious designs. With over 2900+ 5-Star reviews, free shipping worldwide, and incredible bundle discounts, we're the go-to place for all your stationery and accessories cravings!

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