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Unveiling Scribble Snacks' Ice-Cool Collection: More Than Just Ice Cube Trays!

Hey there, Snackers! We know you love to keep things cool, and we're here to take that to a whole new level. Introducing our latest collection of ice cube trays and dessert moulds that are anything but ordinary. From teddy bears to dachshunds, we've got a shape for every taste!

Why You Need These in Your Life

Unmatched Versatility

Our trays aren't just for ice cubes. Want to make some chocolate treats? Yogurt pops? These moulds are perfect for all your culinary experiments.

Quality You Can Trust

Made from food-grade silicone, these trays are durable, easy to clean, and safe for all your freezing and baking needs.

A Shape for Every Mood

Feeling playful? Go for our teddy bear moulds. Want something more sophisticated? Our classic shapes have got you covered.

Featured Products

Teddy Bear 4-Grid Ice Cube Mold

Perfect for kids and adults alike, this mould turns your ice cubes into adorable teddy bears.

Dog Paw Bone Silicone Mold

Unleash your creativity with this paw and bone-shaped mould, ideal for pet lovers.

Cute Dachshund Dog Silicone Mold

Who says ice cubes have to be square? Add some fun to your drinks with these dachshund-shaped ice cubes.

Exclusive Offer

For a limited time, buy any three products and get 10% off your entire order. Mix and match to create the ultimate kitchen collection!

So why settle for boring when you can have extraordinary? Elevate your kitchen game with Scribble Snacks' new range of ice cube trays and dessert moulds. Trust us, your freezer (and your Instagram feed) will thank you.

Ready to get your hands on these icy wonders? Click here to shop now!

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Featured Products