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Scribble Snacks Originals: Our Exclusive Phone Cases

Ring, ring! Your phone's fashion sense is calling, and it's craving a taste of the Scribble Snacks Originals Phone Cases. We’re serving up a dish of exclusive, head-turning designs that make your phone not just a gadget, but a bonafide statement piece.

Ready to ride the wave of fun? Meet our exclusive phone case: the Surfing Taco. It's not just a case; it's your phone's new best bud. And hey, why stop at one look? Switch up the background colour to match your mood, your outfit, or the latest viral trend. Your phone, your canvas. Hit up the "Choose Background Colour" on the product page and let your creativity flow​.

Here’s the scoop on the Surfing Taco case:

  • Frosty Transparent: Show off your phone's sleek design and add a playful overlay.
  • Durable & Flexible: Ready to tackle the ups, downs, and oops of daily life.
  • Precision-Cut Openings: Your phone's features stay accessible and ready to connect.
  • Wireless Charging Ready: Just pop it on the charger and watch the battery juice up, no undressing required.
  • Exclusive Design: You won’t find this kind of fun anywhere else but Scribble Snacks​2​.

At the pocket-friendly price from $26.00 USD, it’s a small price to pay for a daily dose of joy. Whether you’re team iPhone or team Samsung Galaxy, we’ve got you covered​.

Scribble Snacks isn’t just about the snacks; it’s about feeding your fun side. Our phone cases are a one-way ticket to a world where everyday items serve up a smile. So, why blend in when your phone can stand out?

Slide into our collection of Scribble Snacks Originals Phone Cases and let your phone case be more than just a cover. It's a conversation, a chuckle, a chance to show the world what you’re about.

Exclusive sneak peek - More coming soon!

It’s time to dial up the fun to 100! Hop over to our Phone Cases Collection and give your phone the wardrobe it deserves.

Stay Snazzy,

Scribble Snacks Team

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