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Announcing Our New Range of Scrumptious Scribble Snacks Keychains!

Hey food lovers and keychain enthusiasts! Have you ever felt that sudden craving for a burger, pizza, or sushi while you're on the move? We know you have, and that's why we've cooked up something super special just for you! We also ship everywhere for free, worldwide!

Introducing our new, finger-licking range of Scribble Snacks Keychains. From Kawaii Hamburger to Spicy Squid, we've got a flavourful spread that'll delight not just your taste buds but your keys, bags, and even your car!

What's on the Menu?

Let's dig into what's hot and fresh:

  • Plush Fast Food Keychains - Perfect for the burger-holic in you! Choose from 1 Pc Kawaii Hamburger, Hot Dog, and French Fries - only $9.99 AUD.
  • Food Plush Keychains - Soft and cuddly Hamburger, Hot Dog, and French Fries Dolls for Kids - just $9.99 AUD.
  • Plush Food Toys Keychains - Love variety? Pizza, Burger, Fries, and Toast Designs are yours for $11.99 AUD.
  • Hot n' Tasty Pastry Keychains - Sweet Butter Cookies and Snacks Designs to snack on all day, only $10.99 AUD.
  • Simulated Sushi Meat Rice Ball Keychain - Creative Cartoon Seafood Series for a scrumptious treat at $9.99 AUD.
  • Unique Garlic and Vegetables Pendant Keychain - Original Design for Student Couples and Bag Charms - Spice it up at $9.99 AUD.
  • Watermelon Grin Plush Keychain - A refreshing Creative Fruit Keychain for your collection, priced at $9.99 AUD.
  • Personalized BBQ Food Keychain - Simulation of Spicy Squid, Meat and Food Designs at $9.99 AUD.
  • Super-Fry Fried Chicken Keychain - Satisfy your fried cravings with Chicken, Nuggets and Fries Chips Pendants from $10.99 AUD.
  • Resin Sushi Keychain - Elegant Creative Japanese Cuisine Models for Men and Women, only $12.99 AUD.
  • Chili Garlic Food Pendant Keychains - Creative Simulation Vegetable Bag Charms for just $11.99 AUD.
  • Essence of Beef Keychain - Show off your love for beef with a Fun Braised Beef Noodles Keychain Food Pendant at $10.99 AUD.

View the Keychains here!

Why Scribble Snacks Keychains?

Well, because they're mouth-wateringly awesome! These keychains aren't just cute; they're a delightful way to express your personality and flair for food.

Whether you're buying for yourself or searching for that perfect children's gift, these keychains have all the right ingredients to bring a smile to any face. You can wear your favourite food, without the calories! 😉

Get Yours Now!

Don't wait! Treat yourself or a loved one to these delicious keychain delights today. They're the perfect conversation starters and will turn any boring set of keys into a tantalising platter of fun!

Click on your favourite food above, add it to your cart, and let the feasting begin! 🍔🍣🍟🍕

Hungry for more Scribble Snacks? Stay tuned for more exciting collections, and don't forget to leave your reviews!

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